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Amy Bauernfiend(non-registered)
Karen, thanks so much for taking pictures at the 2014 Huntingburg Herbstfest Queen pageant!!!
The pictures were awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!!!
Lisa Waninger(non-registered)
I think your pictures are always great!! Thanks, Karen, for helping me!!
JULIE UBELHOR(non-registered)
Thanks Karen for a job well done!! I thought the pictures turned out great!!
Barb King(non-registered)
Thanks for taking your time to take the picture for customer service today. I think it really turned out very well.
Keith Younker(non-registered)
Thanks so much for coming to GREASE and taking such great pictures. The colors are great and you certainly captured the kid's excitement and energy.

Keith Younker
Stage Director
Terri Neukam(non-registered)
What an amazing talent you have! I just love the photos of the 10U TNT girls. It was such a miserably hot weekend to be sitting in the dirt taking pictures ... I appreciate your willingness to tolerate the heat! Every mom takes pictures but few have your gift. Thanks for what you do ... these photos are something so many people will treasure for years to come!!
Cathy Volz(non-registered)

You did such an awesome job I'm havig a time deciding on which to have printed. I'm out of the office this week so I'll get in touch with you early next week. I definetly know that Angie and I both want the Serpia colored picture. That's all I know for sure.
Angie Dugan(non-registered)
Karen you did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!
susie stetter(non-registered)
love the pictures - thank you so much - your effort means so much to us
Sherri Ingram(non-registered)
You have a talent that words can't express. Every picture show such great things about the athlete, person you are working with. I can't express myself enough to let you know how much I (we) appreciate the time, dedication and love that you have put in to this. Thank you so much for all you have done. You are the BEST!!!
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